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                            Acnh fish prices

      Acnh fish prices


FishSelling PriceLocationShadow SizeHourly AvailabilitySeasonal AvailabilityRarity
Anchovy200 BellsSeaSmall4am - 9pmYear-round★★
Angelfish3,000 BellsRiverSmall4pm - 9amMay - October★★★★
Arapaima10,000 BellsRiverLargest4pm - 9amJune - September★★★★
Arowana10,000 BellsRiverLarge4pm - 9amJune - September★★★★
Barred Knifejaw5,000 BellsSeaMediumAll dayMarch - November★★★★
Barreleye15,000 BellsSeaSmall9pm - 4amYear-round★★★★
Betta2,500 BellsRiverSmall9am - 4pmMay - OctoberN/A
Bitterling900 BellsRiverSmallestAll dayNovember - March★★★
Black Bass400 BellsRiverLargeAll dayYear-round
Blowfish5,000 BellsSeaMedium6pm - 4amNovember - February★★★★
Blue Marlin10,000 BellsPierX LargeAll dayJanuary - April
July - September
November - December
Bluegill180 BellsRiverSmall9am - 4pmYear-round★★★
Butterfly Fish1,000 BellsSeaSmallAll dayApril - September★★★
Carp300 BellsPondLargeAll dayYear-round
Catfish800 BellsPondLarge4pm - 9amMay - October★★
Char3,800 BellsRiver / PondMedium4pm - 9amMarch - June
September - November
Cherry Salmon1,000 BellsRiverMediumAll dayMarch - June
September - November
Clown Fish650 BellsSeaSmallestAll dayApril - September★★★
Coelacanth15,000 BellsSea (rainy days)LargestAll dayYear-round★★★★★
Crawfish200 BellsPondMediumAll dayApril - September★★
Crucian Carp160 BellsRiverSmallAll dayYear-round★★
Dab300 BellsSeaMediumAll dayOctober - April★★
Dace240 BellsRiverMedium4pm - 9amYear-round★★
Dorado15,000 BellsRiverX Large4am - 9pmJune - September★★★★
Football Fish2,500 BellsSeaLarge4pm - 9amNovember - March★★★
Freshwater Goby400 BellsRiverSmall4pm - 9amYear-round★★★★
Frog120 BellsPondSmallAll dayMay - August★★
Gar6,000 BellsPondLargest4pm - 9amJuly - October★★★★
Giant Snakehead5,500 BellsPondX Large9am - 4pmJune - August★★★★
Giant Trevally4,500 BellsPierLargeAll dayMay - October★★★★
Golden Trout15,000 BellsRiver (clifftop)Large4pm - 9amMarch - June
September - November
Goldfish1,300 BellsPondSmallestAll dayYear-round★★★★
Great White Shark15,000 BellsSeaLargest (w/ fin)4pm - 9amJune - September★★★★
Guppy1,300 BellsRiverSmallest9am - 4pmApril - November★★★★
Hammerhead Shark8,000 BellsSeaLargest (w/ fin)4pm - 9amJune - September
Horse Mackerel150 BellsSeaSmallAll dayYear-round
Killifish300 BellsPondSmallestAll dayApril - August★★★
King Salmon1,800 BellsRiver (mouth)SmallestAll daySeptember★★★★
Koi4,000 BellsPondLarge4pm - 9amYear-round★★★★
Loach400 BellsRiverSmallAll dayMarch - May★★
Mahi-Mahi6,000 BellsSeaLargeAll dayMay - October★★★★
Mitten Crab2,000 BellsRiverSmall4pm - 9amSeptember - November★★★★
Moray Eel2,000 BellsSeaX LargeAll dayAugust - October★★★★
Napoleonfish10,000 BellsSeaLargest4am - 9pmJuly - August★★★★
Neon Tetra500 BellsRiverSmallest9am - 4pmApril - November★★★
Nibble Fish1,500 BellsRiverSmall9am - 4pmMay - September★★★★
Oarfish9,000 BellsSeaLargestAll dayDecember - May★★★★
Ocean Sunfish4,000 BellsSeaLargest (w/ fin)4am - 9pmJuly - September★★★★
Olive Flounder800 BellsSeaLargeAll dayYear-round★★★
Pale Chub160 BellsRiverSmallest9am - 4pmYear-round★★
Pike1,800 BellsRiverX LargeAll daySeptember - December★★★
Piranha2,500 BellsRiverSmall9am - 4pmJune - September★★★★
Pond Smelt500 BellsRiverSmallAll dayDecember - February
Pop-eyed Goldfish1,300 BellsPondSmallest9am - 4pmYear-round★★★★
Puffer Fish250 BellsSeaMediumAll dayJuly - September★★★
Rainbowfish800 BellsRiverSmall9am - 4pmMay - October★★★★
Ranchu Goldfish4,500 BellsPondSmall9am - 4pmYear-round★★★★
Ray3,000 BellsSeaX Large4am - 9pmAugust - November★★★★
Red Snapper3,000 BellsSeaMediumAll dayYear-round★★★
Ribbon Eel600 BellsSeaNarrowAll dayJune - October★★★
Saddled Bichir4,000 BellsRiverLarge9pm - 4amJune - September★★★★
Salmon700 BellsRiver (mouth)SmallAll daySeptember
Saw Shark12,000 BellsSeaLargest (w/ fin)4pm - 9amJune - September★★★★
Sea Bass400 BellsSeaX LargeAll dayYear-round
Sea Butterfly1,000 BellsSeaSmallestAll dayDecember - March★★
Sea Horse1,100 BellsSeaSmallestAll dayApril - November★★
Snapping Turtle5,000 BellsRiverX Large9am - 4pmApril - October★★★★
Soft-shelled Turtle3,750 BellsRiverLarge4pm - 9amAugust - September★★★
Squid500 BellsSeaMediumAll dayDecember - August★★
Stringfish15,000 BellsRiver (clifftop)Largest4pm - 9amDecember - March★★★★★
Sturgeon10,000 BellsRiver (mouth)LargestAll daySeptember - March★★★
Suckerfish1,500 BellsSeaLargest (w/ fin)All dayJune - September★★★
Surgeonfish1,000 BellsSeaSmallAll dayApril - September★★★
Sweetfish900 BellsRiverMediumAll dayJuly - September★★★
Tadpole100 BellsPondSmallestAll dayMarch - July★★★
Tilapia800 BellsRiverMediumAll dayJune - October★★★★
Tuna7,000 BellsPierX LargeAll dayNovember - April★★★★★
Whale Shark13,000 BellsSeaLargest (w/ fin)All dayJune - September★★
Yellow Perch300 BellsRiverMediumAll dayOctober - March★★
Zebra Turkeyfish500 BellsSeaMediumAll dayApril - November★★

To become a fishing master, you’ll have to catch one of each fish. This can be a challenge because there are so many places to catch fish, which spawn in various locations and at different times. Some only appear where the ocean connects to rivers, while others swim only in rivers on cliffs. Most fish are available all day or during a specific period of time, which usually changes at 4 a.m., 9 a.m., 4 p.m., and 9 p.m.
Since you can’t see the fish before you catch them, like how you can for bugs, you’ll have to rely on the size of the fish’s shadow to tell you which fish it may be.

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